Paul Briggs

Head Coach

Brief info

Paul Briggs had a career as a fighter that is unparalleled by many. He rose to the heights of World Champion status. He fought in battles that took him to extremes in endurance, courage and mind control that very few have ever had the ability to face. In March 2018 Paul was inducted into the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame for all his contributions to the sport of boxing.

Since completing his career as a professional Paul has gone on to train the Art Of Boxing to other pros and amateurs alike and the general population. People who are looking at getting fitter and healthier through boxing training in a 1:1 capacity. He teaches and consults to a variety of clients from young school-aged boys through to other fighters and professionals who seek his comprehensive knowledge of boxing to apply in their everyday practice.

Paul’s extensive boxing experience, knowledge and training techniques will transform you in all facets of life so you come to know and understand your body, the mind that drives that mind to then be able to rest in calm certainty to create peace in all outcomes.



"Great boxers don’t always make great coaches ! Great technical coaches rarely produce great fighters ! Great coaches have a unique ability to translate wisdom, inspiration, motivation and will into the mindset of a potential champion, giving them every chance to recognise there full excuses.... That is a true master of their Trade.
Craig Williams