Balance through Boxing

a truly transformative and holistic process that creates greater confidence and balance in all participants.

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OUR Balance Through Boxing Program transforms your life through the Art Of Boxing

Become a valued member of the Sanctum Forge Family today…

You are warmly welcomed and cared for throughout your private session by our friendly and experienced coaches who are all guided by Australian Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee and mentor Paul Briggs.  Australia’s top boxers seek out Paul to refine their technique because he is a master at what he does. You will learn correct boxing technique from the very beginning!

Paul has also rehabilitated himself in the healing of a brain injury through specific boxing drills that are incorporated into your tailored session. Rest assured your boxing training is non-contact apart from punching pads, a bag or body shield worn by the coach.  The technical boxing coordination exercises you will do are beneficial because they improve whole brain integration, create new neural pathways and provide vestibular input- regulating your nervous system.  Our coaches are attentive, encouraging and ensure your session is engaging.  In fact they will take you from whatever level you are at to a competency level of an amateur fighter yet in small steps at your own pace.

Paul has mentored your coach and many clients of all ages and backgrounds in the development of stance, agility, flow and power within the mind to create balance in the body through the Art of Boxing. This is practical and transformational with immediate results. Many participants have dissolved fear and anxiety while growing in confidence through new understandings. Our tailored boxing and mindset sessions impact lives in significant waysWhat you receive at Sanctum Forge Boxing is based on years of expertise and experience in both elite level boxing and mentoring. So many have found our offerings invaluable.

We receive wonderful feedback from participants, parents and carers about the balance achieved in mind and body from the sessions. You can read and watch some testimonials below.

In our experience positive interaction, guidance and support from a balanced male role model aside from immediate caregivers is elevating and empowering.  Generations ago young men would learn from many men within their village gaining value from each. 

Please phone us if you are interested to learn more or join our Balance Through Boxing Program.  We’d love to hear from you!

Phone our co-ordinator Kathryn Briggs 0414 278 047 or Owner/ Head Coach Paul Briggs 0404 726 530.

Know we charge a flat rate for all so whether you’re an NDIS participant or a non-participant walking through our door you pay the same price for your session.


connor's experience


callum's experience

"Through boxing, cal is improving his strength, balance, posture and co-ordination. Through your understanding and acceptance, CaLLUM has also gained a sense of belonging in your gym." Megan (Mum)


jack's experience

"Jack's session with paul this morning was amazing!!! i was getting teary listening to their conversations... so inspiring and motivating... and jack absolutely loved it! Thanks so much. I'm so happy that we found you guys... i know paul will be a wonderful mentor for jack." Jack's Mum



personalised private boxing coaching for ndis participants offers numerous benefits:

  –  Sensory integration: Boxing training improves sensory awareness and regulation.


  –  Motor skills development: Enhances coordination, balance, and fine motor skills.


  –  Strength and endurance: Improves cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.


  –  Emotional regulation: Provides an outlet for stress relief and emotional expression.


  –  Heavy work and proprioceptive input: Calms and organizes the nervous system.


 –  Tailored workouts: Coaching sessions are personalized to individual abilities and goals.


 –  Improved physical fitness: Enhances overall physical abilities and functional movements.


 –  Expert guidance and support: Private coaching ensures individual attention and assistance.  sessions are adapted to accomodate specific needs and abilities.


this is what parents of our youngest particpants are saying...

  • My son sits down and does his homework after boxing- he NEVER does that!    
  • I’m surprised my daughter even gets out of the car let alone connects with the coaches- social skills is something she struggles with.
  • Boxing aligns my son’s wandering left eye. 
  • This is the first time my daughter has done a sport and she loves it.  She even practises at home.  She has progressed so much in her ability.
  • My son has better balance at home from his one session on Saturdays.

phone 0414 278 047